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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have found yet another craft I really like.. sewing!! So, lets face it my first attempt at the apron sucked. I did not have the manual to my sewing machine which was my first mistake, secondly I did not use a pattern for it and it was my first sewing project. I had no prior experience with it what-so-ever. A pattern would of done me good.

I will call this my first sewing project with a pattern HaHa!! I made my boyfriends niece a cute little sundress. I fell in love with the fabric in one glance and new it would be perfect for a dress. This time however, I did use a pattern and oh did it give me so much insight on sewing! I learned how to fix all the mistakes I made with my apron. Matter of fact I only made one small mistake while I made the dress and it came out really well. I have listed it on my ETSY shop as a made to order item. Hopefully someone will think it's as cute as I did and buy it. Although it would have to be made in a different fabric (pink) because the black is now discontinued (pouts).


My Etsy Shop is NOW OPEN for business, I am really excited about it too.

Check it out! I have added recycled crayons in awesome shapes that are great for little hands. Scribbling toddlers would love these, or even as a holiday gift!! Later tonight I will be adding individually wrapped green glitter shamrock crayons for St. Patrick's Day!

Everything is coming together nicely I am ecstatic!

Monday, February 1, 2010


I feel extremely accomplished now after finishing my tinker bell apron which was my first sewing project. After I got over the hurdles of the inner workings of the sewing machine everything just came together. A great tip when you learn how to sew is to have the manual to your sewing machine. Dorky me decided to try to figure it out first without it then after much frustration decided to download it sense it was no where to be found around the house. Having that manual made all the difference. Thank you Saul for your suggestion!! 

Needless to say, I am defiantly not the best sew-er in the world, matter of fact I wouldn't even call myself good at it just yet, but the apron came out functional which was what it was meant for and that makes me smile. There will most defiantly be more sewing projects to come so I can improve my sewing skills. I really enjoyed the fact that the apron was semi quick to make considering knitting and crocheting do take a lot more time than sewing does. . . .

Off to the craft store I go  Yippie!

Friday, January 29, 2010

My sewing machine hates me!

I have been inclined to learn how to sew to go alone with my recent knitting and crocheting. I figured why not just learn it all. We'll I got out my grandmother's old sewing machine and it had already been threaded from previous use from my boyfriend and our Halloween costumes. I practiced sewing for a bit and thought that I had it down no problem.

Murphy's stinking law!

I get some cute tinker bell fabric and plan to sew a new apron and what happens.. I cut the fabric all nice and neat and get everything ready. Well the first few stitches went in ok, but then it starts to go haywire on me. The needle starts bending and all of a sudden breaks off. I replace the needle and re thread it and try again. To my frustration nothing but knots and tangled threads in the back of the sewing that is supposed to be nice and neat like my practice sewing.  Ok then the new needle starts bending again and breaks off... ok 2 needles down ... I pop off the bottom pieces and try re threading the bobbin and of course I have no clue how it's really supposed to go sense I haven't messed around with the thing for more than 20 minutes when it wanted to work properly. I thread and re thread and well it still doesn't work. After staring at it in confusing for almost and hour I decided that I think sewing my apron can wait. Needless to say I am a little bit frustrated.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ok, so all the image buttons are finally up and running as they should.

I also made a myspace account for my blogs. Go ahead and add it for updates and such. Eventually, I will be having special deals and things for my myspace friends only so get on the ball with adding that!

Slowly but surely things are getting up with my blog.. I need to make sure I remember to update daily as sometimes I get busy, but this should be a major priority ! However, opening up an ebay store is currently my first priority at the moment. ..... more on that to come!

Oh!!! Check out my edibles blog for a few new recipes I have added up that are delicious.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

layout and new additions

I wanted to give a little update about my blog. I have decided that I did not want to blog about only one thing, instead I would like to blog about several things. Therefore I have created several additional blogs that are linked to the right for each additional blog in the form of buttons. Currently, all the images are not correct to the blog type, but they will be in the near future. So please check out my other blogs too!

I also want to offer free patterns for crochet and knitting of some of the creations I make, as well as some basic easy to understand video tutorials. I figured that all this information should be organized so that the general web browser could easily find what they are looking for. I also created an additional blog about cooking! I have been cooking a lot of cool things lately and wanted to share my recipes and photo tutorials of how these things are made.

Additionally, after all this gets going I would like to offer some of my items for sale.

Thanks for coming by and happy web surfing.  Please feel free to leave me any comments and suggestions you might have.


Friday, January 8, 2010

What a coincidence ...

Earlier in the week I decided that I would make a amigurumi apple out of pure need to just finish a project, and figured that Cameron could give to his teacher today just because. Well my intuition must of been spot on because this morning I remembered that I had received a e-mail back in November from the class mom with special information in it. The information in this letter also stated her birthday. I figured why not save the apple I made and give it to Cameron's teacher on her birthday. Logical right?? Well it's a good thing I decided to check the e-mail this morning. Low and behold his teachers birthday just so happens to be tomorrow, January 9th. So, quickly I make sure the apple is still intact and put it in a nice bag, grab some construction paper, give it to Cameron and tell him to make his teacher a nice birthday card, and we would put it in the bag with his apple. All this goes on before he has to be at school this morning. As we are walking to the door of his classroom, I am assuming the class mom did this, but there was a nice happy birthday sign and a large card for all the kids to sign. Needless to say, I feel very accomplished about what happened this morning and it made me smile. I guess the lesson learned here is to always listen to your intuition because it's usually right.

Happy Birthday Ms. Olson, Cameron's kindergarden teacher, I hope you have a very special day!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I finally made a blog!! [check as accomplished]

I have been pondering over this idea for awhile now, especially sense I began to get really into crafting recently. I am excited to track my progress and share some of my thoughts, idea's and creations with fellow blog readers.