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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have found yet another craft I really like.. sewing!! So, lets face it my first attempt at the apron sucked. I did not have the manual to my sewing machine which was my first mistake, secondly I did not use a pattern for it and it was my first sewing project. I had no prior experience with it what-so-ever. A pattern would of done me good.

I will call this my first sewing project with a pattern HaHa!! I made my boyfriends niece a cute little sundress. I fell in love with the fabric in one glance and new it would be perfect for a dress. This time however, I did use a pattern and oh did it give me so much insight on sewing! I learned how to fix all the mistakes I made with my apron. Matter of fact I only made one small mistake while I made the dress and it came out really well. I have listed it on my ETSY shop as a made to order item. Hopefully someone will think it's as cute as I did and buy it. Although it would have to be made in a different fabric (pink) because the black is now discontinued (pouts).

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