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Monday, February 1, 2010


I feel extremely accomplished now after finishing my tinker bell apron which was my first sewing project. After I got over the hurdles of the inner workings of the sewing machine everything just came together. A great tip when you learn how to sew is to have the manual to your sewing machine. Dorky me decided to try to figure it out first without it then after much frustration decided to download it sense it was no where to be found around the house. Having that manual made all the difference. Thank you Saul for your suggestion!! 

Needless to say, I am defiantly not the best sew-er in the world, matter of fact I wouldn't even call myself good at it just yet, but the apron came out functional which was what it was meant for and that makes me smile. There will most defiantly be more sewing projects to come so I can improve my sewing skills. I really enjoyed the fact that the apron was semi quick to make considering knitting and crocheting do take a lot more time than sewing does. . . .

Off to the craft store I go  Yippie!

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