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Friday, January 29, 2010

My sewing machine hates me!

I have been inclined to learn how to sew to go alone with my recent knitting and crocheting. I figured why not just learn it all. We'll I got out my grandmother's old sewing machine and it had already been threaded from previous use from my boyfriend and our Halloween costumes. I practiced sewing for a bit and thought that I had it down no problem.

Murphy's stinking law!

I get some cute tinker bell fabric and plan to sew a new apron and what happens.. I cut the fabric all nice and neat and get everything ready. Well the first few stitches went in ok, but then it starts to go haywire on me. The needle starts bending and all of a sudden breaks off. I replace the needle and re thread it and try again. To my frustration nothing but knots and tangled threads in the back of the sewing that is supposed to be nice and neat like my practice sewing.  Ok then the new needle starts bending again and breaks off... ok 2 needles down ... I pop off the bottom pieces and try re threading the bobbin and of course I have no clue how it's really supposed to go sense I haven't messed around with the thing for more than 20 minutes when it wanted to work properly. I thread and re thread and well it still doesn't work. After staring at it in confusing for almost and hour I decided that I think sewing my apron can wait. Needless to say I am a little bit frustrated.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ok, so all the image buttons are finally up and running as they should.

I also made a myspace account for my blogs. Go ahead and add it for updates and such. Eventually, I will be having special deals and things for my myspace friends only so get on the ball with adding that!

Slowly but surely things are getting up with my blog.. I need to make sure I remember to update daily as sometimes I get busy, but this should be a major priority ! However, opening up an ebay store is currently my first priority at the moment. ..... more on that to come!

Oh!!! Check out my edibles blog for a few new recipes I have added up that are delicious.